10 Spring Interior ideas for your new home

Let’s start with the most beautiful, and these are the colors and novelties that are planned for spring-summer!

In this first introductory part, I will change your focus a bit with ideas to change some of the colors you had in your home, and bring a little more comfort and color into your space. It’s spring after all, isn’t it ?! Colors are something we are all in demand for in this transitional period. Most of all, in this period between the two ages, clients and readers opt for some of the following colors:

  • Purple;
  • Turquoise;
  • Mint (green and blue);
  • Yellow;
  • Sapphire and royal colors;
  • Gold, silver, gold-pink ;
  • Be sure to add undertones to these colors.



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Leo Hodzic

Leo Hodzic

My name is Leo, and I am interior blogger. I am here to share my easiest tips and tricks for your home.Find my web site on net and visit inwithleo.com