How to use the pink color to get a more luxury home this year?

Leo Hodzic
3 min readJan 31, 2022


Hello everyone, in today’s article I will focus more on one color! You must be wondering why, when I repeat almost non-stop like a parrot that there must be at least three colors in the space. Yes, they must! But today I will have fun, to explain to you how much really pink color in the spacewith a combination of lighter tones and details such as gold and silver, wood, metal can improve the look of a room. But, in any case, if you are on my blog for the first time, be sure to subscribe and get quality advice on decorating your home, space and the like. Also, follow me on instagram @ mr.leohodzic Come on, let’s start with this highly sought after topic!

Why opt for pink rather than sapphire green?

I am sure that you are another home that is made in Skandy style , only natural materials, as much wooden furniture as possible, interesting decorations. I adore Scandinavian style, but since I combine up to 3 styles in my home, I am often in doubt whether to actually add another color to give my space an even better aesthetic. From time to time it is great to change the colors in the room and add a little color because if it is not sunny outside, or it is not warm. It is important that we are warm in our home, and that good energy circulates.

Although everyone from the first will tell you that PINK color is only for girls / girls / ladies . No, don’t let that discourage you. All colors are good and every color is for everyone, although many may not admit it. Here below the article I leave you a few colors and their meaning. After that, you will be able to understand why you really need to “ host “ pink in your home!

  • Red: ambitious, brave, powerful, passionate, active;
  • Orange : instinctive, optimistic, extroverted, charismatic;
  • Yellow : energetic, joyful, friendly, spontaneous, fun;
  • Green : growth, prosperity, full of hope, renewing, generous;
  • Blue : meaningful, responsible, intelligent, authoritative, controlled;
  • Pink : creative, imaginative, prominent, compassionate, loyal.

Lighter shades, however, somehow enliven the whole space in a completely better and more beautiful view. With lighter shades of pink, you can get a very exclusive look to your room . It is possible to get it only if you combine it with gray or another color. Most often, to get that luxury in your stay, it is enough to combine bright pink with beige and get one perfection.

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