I visited the stylishly decorated apartment, which delighted me!

Leo Hodzic
4 min readFeb 5, 2022


Hi, I hope you are all well! Today, as I promised, the time has come for me to describe to you the apartment I had the opportunity to visit. Who deserves an award for the most beautifully decorated apartment , if there are awards for such a thing, this apartment should definitely receive this award. For a start, I can only tell you that this is a modern style in which the contemporary style is beautifully “ packaged “ and there is little glimpse of the mid-century. But, in any case, if you are on my blog for the first time, be sure to subscribe and get quality advice on decorating your home, space, etc. Of course, if you want to learn a little more about all these styles, you have a course so you can apply. Also, follow me on instagram @ mr.leohodzic

Let me introduce you to this beautiful and very stylish apartment!

From the door when you enter the decorated apartment, at that “ first “ look you feel as if you have entered another dimension. It’s as if you’ve stepped into some beautiful dream, from which you don’t want to wake up so quickly. What I would especially like to emphasize here is the color combination that prevails here. I would especially like to point out that with this purple corner, the space definitely got more positive energy. After a few lessons, all my course participants will be able to understand why color combination is important to us. For a start, I have to praise, and the decorative wall that is phenomenally done, then details like pillows that give more and more importance to this space. Bedside tables and beautiful decorations like vases and table lamps.

The special feature that we need to emphasize here is certainly the combination of three colors that you can already clearly see. The golden rule: 60–30–10 is phenomenally used here . Every detail is in place. As you know every style, not every space can be combined and styled in every style. It is very important to know how to apply some of the rules, and with a little imagination turn your space into the most beautiful oasis of peace and positive energy.

I really have to commend my client for applying Feng Shui in her space as well! She achieved that with the help of a beautiful decoration with flowers . As you can see it is not a matter of your flowers being right! It DOESN’T HAVE to, it’s enough that you’ve planned in your head what it should look like and what message it should send.

If you do not know simply how to change the energy in your space, even next to the flowers “something is missing”. My advice to change your table, it can be so stylish and glassy with an interesting shine and silver color. Although I had no plans to mention the brand of anything, the table is from my favorite store and that is KARE DESIGN!

If you have one such interesting room, but simply due to the circumstances you can not have more lighting. Then you have for that solution, it is certainly well done here with the help of ceiling lighting by adding asuspended ceiling “. You can decorate such a beautiful space even more beautifully by adding a one-piece marble slab to the wall behind the TV. It is important to make sure that it is in tones that will not deviate from the space itself and the colors in it.

Just as I wrote below the picture above, it is very important who will work on the design. Today, really “not everyone “ can make an idea, not everyone can decorate the space.

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