Which color will destroy the “comfort zone” forever?!

Leo Hodzic
3 min readDec 22, 2022

Hello, my dear valuable readers.

Today, before the year 2023, I want to present you a design I did for Bologna. However, it is not about where it is. Already, I want you, as I put in the title, to finally get out of your “comfort zone”. In the rest of the blog, read why…

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I believe that you, like everyone else, are “bored” that the same colors are always repeated in almost all apartments and rooms. Always try to maintain a balance in colors (beige, gray, in some cases pink), but again, these are all pastel tones. I love those colors too, but I decided to push the boundaries a bit. I put one “flashy” yellow one in the space, the respective kitchen. Just a little to make the space different. It’s time to go out and search for colors. But, everything is understood within normal limits.

You know, when I get the floor plan and just take into account what the client wants. And to that I add the moment when I am directly in that space. I am simply “born with that space” and simply start with ideas. Believe me, in a room like this one of 35 m2 , it was necessary to place and plan where everything should go. Right here, you have a kitchen that is functional . Living room — sufficient for the client’s needs. And one detail that I must admit gives the space maximum “size” and comfort, that is its majesty, the fireplace.

Colors, colors and only colors. If you are a fan of warm colors, you can always play with colors. However, if you are looking for a way to get out of the “ comfort zone “ and still have grace, then take my project as an example. Don’t be afraid, every color in the color system has its own tones and undertones. You can combine each of the desired colors with another color. Because colors are there to lift the mood.

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