Who is cook and blogger Ana and what is her super quick recipe that “knocks you off your feet”

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Hello, my dear and dear readers. I have to thank you for this previous year for as many as 3 million views that you have successfully left reading my great articles. I’m sure you’ve found a lot of important things for your home . In today’s article, you will have the opportunity to meet, in my opinion, the most interesting participant in the MasterChef Croatia TV show, which is organized on one of the most watched television programs. But, in any case, if you are on my blog for the first time, be sure to subscribe and get quality advice on decorating your home, space and the like. Also, follow me on instagram @ mr.leohodzic Let’s start with this interview dear to me this year.

But, let’s find out who Ana really is and we’ll start with that introductory “ most difficult question”.

  1. Introduce yourself briefly, and try to describe yourself in 4 sentences, I know it’s “difficult” “

So why hasn’t everyone already met her through two and a half months of an adventure called Masterchef ?! I am Ana Antunović, better known in the Instagram world as Kuhana i Pečena , a graduate journalist by profession , a marketing expert , but as she says, she is also a chef by heart . He has been involved in amateur cooking for several years, and since 2018 he has been building his Instagram profile @kuhana_i_pecena . She was born and raised in the beautiful small town of Kuna on Pelješac , and she grew up in Zagreb, where, as she says, she has been a permanent address for the last ten years.

One post where our dear guest Ana is with all the other participants of this super interesting culinary tv show. Of course, there is also the winner, I would say really deserved Ivan Temšić.

2. Since you are a big FAN of cooking and cooking, can you tell us what your favorite dish is, does such a dish actually exist ?!

My definition of a favorite dish is that it is the dish you eat to comfort you when you are sad and cheer you up when you are happy. I have more of them — pasta carbonara, katsu chicken, risotto with mushrooms, but surprisingly also red lentil stew that warms the soul. Still, that I have to choose my favorite dish ever — it’s definitely some top-notch pizza , Ana told us.

And here in this post you have a great preparation of Pizza that Ana prepares 🙂 I’m sure you will like it and you will download her recipe, I already have and I must admit that it is really delicious!

3. A few weeks ago another Masterchef finished , but if you ask me I would say that this one was the MOST INTERESTING! What I especially want to say is that you also participated. What will you remember the most, and were there any difficult challenges when it comes to cooking ?!

MasterChef is over , and for me personally as a viewer it was very interesting. So many different characters , and yet a good whole, that love of cooking that could be felt across the screen — it was really interesting. Since we were isolated from the world, our world was that of cooking and our coexistence in the villa. And there were times when it wasn’t easy, when I wanted to give up too. Later, when I watched it on television, I had a completely different view of it all. While we were there, it was simply our world and we tried to stay in it as long as possible. I think we all wanted to prove to ourselves how far we can go beyond our own limits, Ana told us for the IN WITH LEO article.

4. In the previously named I can say, the most watched regional show from challenge to challenge, you also got the nickname: “ QUEEN ELIMINATIONVery nice name, but also HEROIC! It wasn’t really easy, some dishes to make, but tell us a little more about that? And what would you say to some future competitors who decide to apply and will read this article ?!

I went through the most eliminations and I came out of each one as the best plate, even when I was there with Ivan Temšić who is the favorite (deservedly) from the first day, I am a little proud of that 😀

That’s where the nickname came from , even though Emma wore it first, so I got it when she left. Since I have always encountered challenges in my work so far, I have this “problem solver” approach. So, if the challenge was in front of me, I would think about it as a task that I have to solve as well as possible. Definitely my experience here was my best advantage , Ana told us in this interview!

Just look at that beautiful and “ TASTY “ feed heheh, I like everything and if you could have a little snack on the screen, I would be the first to try it, and I’m sure you would, my dear readers, hehe!

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