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Hi guys, I know I haven’t been around for about a month. You know that ever since I started working, I unfortunately manage to dedicate time to the blog. But, considering that my blog has over 500+ tips on how to decorate your home, right down to ideas and colors that the zodiac signs like. Literally, while I used to write weekly, it was as if I knew what topics I should cover the blog with. So, believe me, it could happen that it went from 4.5k entries per month to 50k (k=thousand) views. I really thank you from the bottom of my heart for that, because without you, wherever you come from, I am extremely grateful.

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What is so significant (in detail) and in detail that you need to know?

You see, I believe that very often you see a large variety of ideas on social networks. From how someone arranged their living room, all the way to the most luxurious ideas that cost up to several thousand. As for the details themselves (there are) there is no rule! Surely, you are wondering why he wrote this?! As a designer, with 4 years of active experience and some 15 years of decorating experience. I believe you want to hear (read) how and what is most important.

The first thing you really need is CONCENTRATION! It is very important that you do it precisely, every work without concentration leads to “madness”. Along with this advice, the famous saying goes: “Don’t exaggerate, more is less/less is more.” For example, below this text is my work that I did for the #burjkhalifa bedroom project.

Another important thing — more of a fact — is that you stick to three colors and a maximum of four colors in the space (albeit literally so). I know that feeling “it got me” I had to add more and exaggerate hahah. It is precisely for this reason that many clients hire us as interior designers! In addition to design, and knowing which space needs which style, they know which colors suit that space. You know, right now while you’re reading this you’re thinking: “God, this too has become nuclear physics” No, this is not nuclear — but it is the physics of a well-known method.

Of course, if at this moment you thought of two words (what two..hmm) about Feng Shui, that’s physics. Click on “ Feng Shui “ and find out why it is important to apply it. One (bathroom) and explained why I used Feng Shui.

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