Why does Cancer know the best tips for interior design

Leo Hodzic
4 min readMar 26, 2022


Hello, my dears. Especially to you, my dear readers who are in the zodiac sign of Cancer! Yes, since you voted on my Instagram and it was decided that I am writing this article today for my friends and readers in the sign of Cancer. There are a lot of details according to which this sign is so advantageous when it comes to decorating in general not only the interior and exterior, but everything in life. But, in any case, if you are on my blog for the first time, be sure to subscribe and get quality advice on decorating your home, space and the like. Also, follow me on instagram @ mr.leohodzic Come on, let’s start with this much sought after topic!

A little about the sign, and their uniqueness!

The signs of cancer are known to be gentle and mundane and have a tremendous love for their home. Under the rule of the Moon and often seen as a “ mother “ figure, your content is in the presence of your loved ones, which means you spend a lot of time at home. Before you get started, take a look at this article that Crabs need to know and keep in mind before decorating their home.

Sensitive and deeply concerned about family and home issues, this star sign attracts unusual and comfortable interior styles consisting of unique, mixed finds.

Comfort is key : my dear Cancer signs, you like your home to be a safe place. Yes, you all know that your home must have a combination of several styles in addition to ultra-security doors . Because you could not be you if it is not as you imagined. Otherwise, let life go!

What would be the space / home in which you, my dear Shrimp, should be…

Your home / space must have a pleasant atmosphere which includes: comfortable bed, sleeping. The colors of the walls are usually white, and the details on the bed are blue, red, emerald and beige. These are your favorite three colors you want, and they must be present everywhere. (Read this in capital letters: D)

In addition to all the above ideal colors for your sign, there is definitely a soft pink, golden silver color. Without any of the above mentioned colors, yet you are the sign of the moon, there must be something, some detail to be silver.

Your focal point is the living room, why? Since you are a very caring person by nature, you prefer to help others than yourself. In some cases, this statement is valid, again depending on the subsign and the month in which you are. Since you are a great host, you like to prepare glamorous dinners and organize gatherings. Your living room and dining room must be the center of attention.

As I wrote above, comfort in all rooms is number one with you. It goes without saying that the dining room will have comfortable chairs and a large table. Of course, even though it is a large dining table, sometimes you like to sit and eat alone without being disturbed.

Older styles are listed on your list: All the signs and sub-signs of this sign are adored when you have some older pieces or furniture in your home. You are simply attracted to such objects, it is innate . What you like most is that you have a combination of shabby chic styles and modern styles in the room. I would say that you are most attracted to art and styles from Italy, France , because it is in these countries that there is something that “invites” you.

The bed in the bedroom must have a headboard and be a bed with a mattress. It must be a big bed because you like to sit down and enjoy after a hard day. To be clear, the bed must be with details of silver or gold. Even if it was a coat of paint. If that bed does not have some detail that is dear to you, none of that bed, no matter how much it costs.

You like to save for some good trips, hm? — Most things can be reused in some form, and you, as I wrote above, make full use of it! You do not have to buy completely new items to decorate your space, which is why a cheaper purchase or even in this case a restoration is a great way to find decor for your home.

But neither you nor any other character like Capricorn could have survived if you hadn’t bought at least two things for yourself or for the home that month ! It’s just not possible, with so many savings that something is wrong with you, isn’t it ?!



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