Why does Leo have amazing ideas for their home

Leo Hodzic
3 min readApr 4, 2022

Hello, my dears, here it is, considering that I have the best readers and active followers / friends who voted in the poll for the next article ( today’s ) to be about Leos ( zodiac sign ). Yes, yes, you will find out great ideas and actually what this SIGN does best and not just edit yourself 😀 Let’s find out but… there is something else. Today I will literally make you love this sign. And with the help of Leo’s ( my ) tricks, you have your own little palace. But, in any case, if you are on my blog for the first time, be sure to subscribe and get quality advice on decorating your home, space, etc. Of course, if you want to learn a little more about all these styles, you have a course so you can apply. Also, follow me on instagram @ mr.leohodzic

Let’s first find out why the Lions have such a “taste” for style ?! What exactly is behind that “taste”?

The Leo sign is worn only by selected people, you will surely ask yourself after reading the first words, why ?! Yes, like themselves, their home must be their mirror. In a zodiac sign like Leo, details play the most important role . All the details should be reflective because when the light enters the home, all the details get a special magic. In addition to these reflective details, there must be green plants (even if they are plastic / paper). Only then does this space become partially luxurious, below we are going to create a kingdom.

When it comes to furniture and decorations, Leo loves furniture that is creative and special. Whatever they are bored with, or if someone recommends something to them and they are bored, they will never bring it into their home.

Comfort on the home decorating list is sometimes second and sometimes last. Because for lions, the most important thing is the elegance of the interior. Every detail has its place, and there are special styles and materials that the sign of Leo must and will have.

What do you think are the styles that this sign often applies or will apply in your home?

I’m sure you already have a premonition of which styles and combinations of styles “fit” this sign, but with some you will even be surprised. Somehow, the styles are always mixed, with colors like gold and some reflective details. Of course, there are exceptions for those types of lions that have a different subsign or sign in the moon. All of this can partially affect the changes (but these changes, read as small changes).

  • ArtDeco = somehow this style has the biggest influence on these characters (it is often possible to find them in the living room, and even in the bedrooms);
  • Industrial style = favorite;
  • Modern style;
  • French style = mostly prevalent and somehow associated with the Lions.
  • Minimalist style = in details, it usually prevails in the dining room and kitchen.
  • And as for the colors and materials about it certainly below.

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